Waste-to-Energy Facility
Ash Handling Building Reconstruction
This waste-to-energy facility incinerates trash and produces electricity for distribution back to the grid. Near the end of the incineration process, the remaining ash is treated for landfilling. The ash treatment process, housed in the 320,000 cubic foot "Ash Handling Building", is corrosive to the steel structure of the handling building. After fifteen years of the facility operating, Daigle Engineers, Inc. was called in to perform an investigation of the conditions of the Ash Handling Building. It was determined that a significant portion of the steel superstructure had experienced advanced corrosion and was in need of reinforcement or complete replacement.

Following the initial investigation phase, we proceeded by developing construction documents detailing which structural members needed to be repaired or replaced. In addition, some steel from an earlier building assembly inside the existing enclosure was no longer needed and was removed - leading to the required reconfiguration of some of the framing. All of the new steel, and the existing steel within the scope of the project that was to remain, was coated with a high performance epoxy coating to extend the life of the structure. The original corrugated metal siding was also replaced with fiber-reinforced plastic (FRP) panels which maintain enclosure of the facility and are not susceptible to corrosion.

We worked closely with the contractor during the construction phase to complete the project. As work progressed, some previously hidden conditions were discovered. Working with the contractor, we were able to develop practical solutions to each of these conditions to repair the structure and allow the work to move forward.

The reconstruction of the Ash Handling Building was completed without shutting down the daily operations of the facility. Upon completion, the client was provided with a safe and long lasting structure which will allow them to continue operations for years to come.

Contractor: Infinity Constructors